Course Preview

    1. Session 1: Mission on Our Doorsteps

    2. Session 2: Thinking Biblically About Immigration

    3. Session 3: The Most Vulnerable: Understanding Refugees, Undocumented Immigrants, & Victims of Human Trafficking

    4. Session 4: Understanding Immigration Policy, Past & Present

    5. Session 5: Addressing the Root Causes of Immigration

    6. Session 6: A Christian Response to Immigration

    7. Post-Survey

About this course

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  • 10 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Course Description

Discovering and Living God's Heart for Immigrants: A Guide to Welcoming the Stranger

This guide was created to help a small group of people move towards action as an expression of their Christian faith. It is an experiential opportunity -- a chance to explore one of the most complex issues of our day from a biblical perspective and to live out the calling God has given his church. Each session of this guide is designed with five main components:

  • Watch
  • Read
  • Discuss
  • Pray
  • Experience

We’ve provided some information and some cues, but we hope that you’ll go beyond what we’ve provided, seeking God’s heart as you wrestle with a complex topic. We don’t know exactly where this guide will lead you, but we hope that it will be life-changing.