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    3. Introduction to the Course

    4. Workbook Reflection 1

    1. Introduction to Resettlement

    2. Journey Through Resettlement: Chapter 1

    3. Global Role in Resettlement

    4. Mass Displacement and Migration in the United States

    5. Refugee Resettlement in the United States Resource Download

    6. Refugee Resettlement in the United States

    7. Navigating U.S. Resettlement Activity

    8. Workbook Reflection 2

    1. Introduction to Module 3

    2. How World Relief Approaches Resettlement

    3. Initial Stability

    4. Ongoing Integration

    5. Journey Through Resettlement: Chapter 2

    6. Knowledge Check Game

    7. Workbook Reflection 3

    1. Introduction to Module 4

    2. Community's Role in Resettlement

    3. Volunteer with World Relief

    4. Journey Through Resettlement: Chapter 3

    5. Workbook Reflection 4

    1. Course Conclusion Video

    2. Final Workbook Reflection

    3. Course Survey

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About this course

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Journey Through Refugee Resettlement

What role can you play in helping refugees resettle in your community? With so much information to absorb around resettlement, it can be daunting to know where to begin.  


This course takes you on a journey through resettlement at a global level and through the process of resettlement within the United States. Along the way you will hear firsthand experience from a refugee on what their resettlement journey was like. 


Whether you’re looking to understand the resettlement process, what a resettlement agency does or how you & your community can support resettlement, this course is the place to begin!