Course Preview

    1. Introduction to Module 2

    2. Workbook Reflection 2

    3. How to Navigate a Language Barrier (Resource Download)

    4. How to Navigate a Language Barrier

    5. Language Barrier Scenario Practice

    6. Workbook Reflection 3

    1. Introduction to Module 3

    2. Workbook Reflection 4

    3. How to Be a Culturally Sensitive Language Partner (Resource Download)

    4. How to be a Culturally Sensitive Language Partner

    5. Workbook Reflection 5

    1. Introduction to Module 4

    2. Words from a Teacher

    3. Workbook Reflection 6

    4. What Shapes a Learner's Level?

    5. 8 Factors that Shape Level and Progress

    6. Workbook Reflection 7

    7. Resources and Activities Book

    8. A First Meeting

    1. Final Workbook Reflection

    2. Course Conclusion

    3. Course Survey

    4. Workbook Download

About this course

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  • 28 lessons

Help a Learner Practice their English

Learning a new language, especially as an adult, takes courage, patience, and time. If you’re ready to help a newcomer practice English as they settle into life in the U.S., this course is for you!  

Your learning journey will take you through tips on how to navigate a language barrier, how to be a culturally sensitive language partner, and what shapes a learner’s level as you help them achieve their goals. Hear from a teacher, tutor, and student on their experiences and why it’s so important to have a partner to practice with.  

If you want to help an English learner, but don’t know where to start, this course has everything you need.