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Course Information

Basic Immigration Law Training Course

World Relief is pleased to offer a 6-week virtual basic immigration law training. The training will be conducted using the curriculum of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC). This course will help provide the necessary training component for individuals who wish to apply for accreditation from the Department of Justice (DOJ - formerly known as BIA recognition and accreditation). DOJ recognition and accreditation allows non-attorneys working at non-profit organizations to practice immigration law. The course will touch on all areas of immigration law and practice focusing on topics most relevant to those serving and representing low-income immigrants. Additional requirements for applying for Department of Justice (DOJ) recognition and accreditation will be discussed during the training week. Participants who pass the final exam will receive a certificate of completion from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), the authors of the training curriculum. This will help participants in the process of obtaining DOJ recognition and accreditation. This six-week intensive course will take place online from June 20-July 28, 2023. This course will include 4-6 hours of live training weekly and will require additional reading outside of class time. Students will have two weeks to complete the final exam after the last session. The Final exam must be completed and passed to receive course credit.

Course Materials

Basic Immigration Law Training Course

The books used for this course are "A Guide for Immigration Advocates" published by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. Each student must purchase a copy of the course textbook from the ILRC or use a recent edition in their possession. The hardcopy or PDF alone costs $345 and the combination of the two costs $385. Discount codes will be provided upon registration.

Course Costs

Basic Immigration Law Training Course

For churches and other non-profits, the tuition cost is $375.00. You must be able to provide supporting information to show non-profit status. Private attorney tuition is $795.00. All students are still responsible for the cost of books (described below). The organizers retain the right to exclude from the training anyone whose intent and/or conduct appear to be contrary to the purposes of the training, and/or who interferes with a positive learning environment. Be prepared to provide additional information or 501(c)(3) designation letter upon request. Exclusion from the training may occur at any time from registration through the end of the training. Appropriate refunds, if applicable, will be made.

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Course Schedule

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Introduction

    2. Course Instructors

    3. Course Schedule

    1. Pre-Reading

    2. Session Materials

    3. Unit 1: Quiz

    4. Unit 1: Live Session Recordings

    1. Reading

    2. Session Materials

    3. Unit 2: Practice Interviewing Skills Assignment

    4. Unit 2: Quiz

    1. Pre-Reading

    2. Session Materials

    3. Unit 4: Quiz

    4. Unit 4: Live Session Recordings

    1. Pre-Reading:

    2. Session Materials

    3. Unit 3A: Quiz

    4. Unit 3A: Live Session Recordings

    1. Pre-Reading

    2. Session materials

    3. Unit 3B: Quiz

    4. Unit 3B: Live Session Recordings

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