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    3. Introduction to the Course

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    1. Introduction to Cultural Context

    2. Prepare for Learning

    3. The Place

    4. Reflection on The Place

    5. The People

    6. The Past

    7. The Present

    8. Reflection on Cultural Context

    1. Introduction to Cultural Systems

    2. Prepare for Learning

    3. Religion and Islam

    4. Family and Tribe

    5. Reflection on Cultural Systems

    1. Introduction to Cultural Values

    2. Prepare for Learning

    3. Honor and Shame

    4. Reflection on Honor and Shame

    5. Collectivism and Individualism

    6. Reflection on Collectivism and Individualism

    7. Being and Doing

    8. Reflection on Being and Doing

    9. Power Distance

    10. Reflection on Power Distance

    11. Indirect and Direct Communication

    12. Reflection on Indirect and Direct Communication

    13. A Story from Jahantab

    14. Reflection on Cultural Values

    1. Introduction to Friendship with Afghans

    2. Friendship Foundation

    3. Hospitality

    4. Reflection on Hospitality

    5. Supporting Cultural Adjustment

    6. How will You be a Supportive Friend?

    1. Concluding Video

    2. Resource Page

    3. Final Reflection

    4. Workbook Download

    5. Course Survey

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Build a Foundation for Friendship with Afghans

The Afghan Culture Guide is designed for people like you who are welcoming Afghans and seeking to support their transition to the United States.

Americans and Afghans have many incredible similarities we can celebrate. At the same time, our unique personalities and cultural backgrounds create complex differences that can be both enriching and challenging to navigate. We created the Afghan Culture Guide as a resource to help you better understand some key elements of your Afghan friend's culture and to give you a foundation from which to build an effective and mutually enriching relationship.