Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to your course!

    2. Introduction to Citizenship Tutors

    3. Introduction to the Course

    4. Starting our Journey

    5. Introduction to Adult Learners

    1. Introduction to The Pathway to Citizenship

    2. Becoming a U.S. Citizen: An Overview of the Naturalization Process

    3. Eligibility Requirements

    4. The Naturalization Interview and Test

    5. Quiz: The Pathway to Citizenship

    1. Introduction to the Speaking Test

    2. The N-400 and Speaking Test

    3. Exploring the N-400 Application

    4. N-400 Scavenger Hunt

    5. Simplifying English on the N-400 Exam

    6. Practicing for the Speaking Test

    1. Introduction to Civics and the 100 Questions

    2. Could you Pass the U.S. Civics Test?

    3. Overview of the Civics Test

    4. Practicing for the Civics Test

    1. Introduction to Reading and Writing for the Test

    2. Overview of the Reading and Writing Test

    3. Practicing for the Reading and Writing Test

    4. Resources and Ideas for Practicing Reading and Writing

    1. Introduction to Structuring Your Lessons

    2. Tips for Structuring Lessons

    3. Mock Interview and Lesson Resources

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